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ICAI via its notification dated 7th November 2020 has announced details about the opt-out scheme for Nov 20 Exams

Although, as per earlier notification of ICAI as Press Release dated 4th Nov 2020, it was at least clear that ICAI is assured about conducting exams in Nov 2020, after this notification, students are again confused about choosing their options for the next examination cycle

So, here comes the deep analysis of the ICAI notification dated 7th Nov 2020:


    ICAI made it clear in its earlier notification dated 23rd October 2020, that students falling under the following categories can opt-out:

    Read Deep analysis of who can opt out here
    (a) The students who are currently COVID-19 positive or having symptoms of COVID-19 at any time upto the conclusion of exams;

    (b) Whose Family members with whom the students are staying are COVID-19 positive or become COVID-19 Positive at any time upto the conclusion of exams;

    (c) If the area in which the student’s residence is located is declared as Containment Zone by the Central Government/State Government/Local Authorities at any time upto the conclusion of exams.

    Means only those who fall under the above 3 categories are allowed to OPT-OUT, NOT EVERYONE


    As per ICAI notification, ICAI is planning to conduct Nov 20 Exams Cycle II in January or February 2021, the schedule of Exams will be declared in December itself

    So, it means if you opt-out from this Nov 20 attempt, you are going to have options:

    OPTION 1: Choose to appear in Jan/Feb 2021 Exams
    OPTION 2: Choose to appear in May 2021 Exams

    Further, while opting out from Nov 20, you will have to Choose any one option and it will be the FINAL decision from you, means you cannot change it further

    Procedure to Opt OUT

    1. Login to

    2. Click on Apply Now tab next to OPT-OUT option

    3. Download, Print or Write declaration and then Scan it for upload

    Download Format of Declaration here

    4. Choose your options wisely and click submit.


    1. The basis of Opting out is just a simple self-declaration, ICAI didn't say anything reg whether it will verify that a student opting out actually belong to a or b or c category or not

    ICAI require a simple self-declaration, and under that declaration, u will have to tick one of 3 category

    In general, it looks like everyone can opt-out, but one should count this also if u r self-declaring something, it should be based on facts and circumstances.

    2. While opting out you should be very clear on your option to choose, which is hard for a student to decide at this time as nobody knows what will be the situation in Jan / Feb or even in May 2021

    So, this won't be wrong to say ICAI could have given some more liberty here also 

    3. After this notification, one thing is clear that ICAI can take very good initiatives for the safety of students. No doubt that Exams should happen in its routine cycle, but nobody had predicted this kind of situation ever, Everyone is facing new kinds of challenges.

    Students should be happy to know that ICAI officials are counting each and every option on their part to conduct exams in every possible situation

    Source: Official ICAI Announcement:

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