As you know, ICAI a few days ago, announced some guidelines for students who are going to appear for Nov 2020 Examination. Here, I am providing you a deep analysis of the same along with some issues that may arise while implementation of the said SOP issue by ICAI itself.


    Many of the students misunderstood about it, 
    ICAI in its announcement said that Opt-Out Facility is only available to students who:

    • are suffering from COVID 19 or 
    • having symptoms of COVID 19 or
    • resident area of the student is under containment zone during exam days
    Hence, if you do not fall under any of these above categories, then you are not allowed to OPT-OUT, as per the announcement made by ICAI.

    Reach the exam center at the reporting time

    Studnet should read at the reporting time given on the admit card, not before that and the same will be an hour before the start of the exam

    Now ICAI in its SOP has said 2 things, one is student should reach one hour before and another one is that student should not reach before 1 pm. These 2 things don't match up because:

    we all know that exams are to be started at 1.45 pm, i.e. 15 mins advance time is given to students for reading the question paper.

    Make sure you don't have COVID symptoms before leaving your home for exams

    Maintain Social Distancing at all the time

    Wear Masks

    Students should wear mask the whole time during exam, but at 2 times masks will be allowed to remove:

    Personal identification 
    Signing the attendance sheet

    What you can Carry

    • Students can carry a transparent water bottle
    • Students can carry a transparent bottle of sanitizer (50 or 100 ml only)

    what you cannot carry

    • Mobile Phones
    • Smart Watches
    • Other electronic gadgets
    • books / materials
    • Bags

    Now there are 2 concerns about this point

    One student who is going for an exam is to carry his stationery items, water bottle, sanitizer, etc. If students are not allowed to carry bags, then how will they carry all of those things from home even.

    Other concern is that ICAI has restricted books/materials, but there is an open book exam as one of the elective papers of CA Final Paper 6 under the New Scheme, where students are allowed to carry books or materials

    Thermal Scanning

    Thermal Scanning will be done at the entry of the exam center, if your body temperature will be higher than expected then you will not be allowed to enter the exam center and it will be recorded separately

    Now issue here is that even a minor mistake of the thermal checker who will check the temperature can harm the whole number of students appearing in that particular center, and that is a big concern for everyone

    Stationery Items

    Sharing of stationery items is strictly prohibited during the exam, So be ready to take everything you need

    Leaving Exam Hall

    • A student may leave if he is finished with his exam after 4 pm
    • On completion of exam, Leave you seat only when you are allowed to

    Do not throw your masks or gloves here and there, if you want to dispose of then do use bins 

    Consent Letter with Admit Cards

    While downloading the admit card, you will be asked to give consent to follow various guidelines issued by Govt. and ICAI, if a student is a minor, then parents will give consent for the same


    In nutshell, As per SOP, ICAI is looking fully ready to conduct exams this time, but we all know that on paper all the guidelines look like the twinkling stars, but it's a real challenge to put all those guidelines in action as it is.


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    1. Pls this time avoid exam icai as it life threating decision by syudent.
      Exam are coming every year but life is coming one time


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