We have brought you a new success story of one of our subscribers who worked hard to earn CA to her name. We have asked her a few questions regarding her preparation techniques and her experience of the journey as a CA Student. Her words may give you some ideas to prepare and score well in the next exams.

Meet CA Diksha Jain

CA Diksha Jain
Nov 19 Batch
She Belongs to Jaipur, cleared CA Final exams in Nov 2019

Lets’ know how she prepared, what she did to earn CA to her name

When did you start the CA Course?
I started the CA Course in 2013.

What / who inspired you to choose CA as a profession
My family

Write something about your journey to become a Chartered Accountant, how you started the CA Course, the challenges you faced, the hurdles you have gone through, your articleship experience, etc.

My journey was not really easy.
I cleared my CPT in the first attempt then it took me 3 attempts to clear IPCC and 6 attempts to clear CA FINAL despite being a topper in school.
My articleship experience is also not that great bcz my articleship firms were mid-sized firms and they didn't make me learn up to the mark.
I was depressed due to these failures but it was my family who pushed me up in my low times and because of them only finally l became a CA.

Which books you preferred during your preparations

  • Paper 1: FR: Praveen Sharma Sir's books ICAI's PM
  • Paper 2: SFM: Sanjay Saraf Sir's book, Mayank Kothari Sir's important questions bank ICAI's PM
  • Paper 3: Audit: Pankaj Garg Sir's Notes ICAI'S PM
  • Paper 4: Law: Sandhiya Saraf Sir's notes ICAI'S PM
  • Paper 5: AMA: ICAI's PM and SM
  •  Paper 6: ISCA / Electives: Swapnil Patni Sir's notes ICAI'S PM
  • Paper 7: DT: Vinod Gupta Sir's Summary Book and Question Bank ICAI'S PM
  • Paper 8: IDT: Vishal Bhattad Sir's books  ICAI'S PM

What was your overall strategy to clear exams?
To finish the syllabus in time and do proper revision

What was the one thing which worked for you to clear CA Final Exams
Believe that l can do this

What helped you most in your tough times?
My parents and their guidance

How many hours do you think is enough to devote to a student appearing for exams during the last month of preparations?
9-10 hours

How much you relied on online notes shared by faculties?
To a great extent

How much you relied on online revisionary classes?
Not very much

Express your feeling, the moment when you got to know that you have actually qualified as CA
I was literally crying when l heard that finally, l did it

A piece of advice you want to give your fellows, that will help them in their studies
Have a positive attitude and keep going each day

How long you are joined with CA Passion?
since I started CA Course

Rate your overall satisfaction with our Posts out of 5

How many ratings you wanna give to admin services out of 5

What kind of posts/services did you like the most from CA Passion
Notes Updates, Announcements, Motivational Support

How did CA Passion be helpful in completing your journey from CA Student to CA?
Very much helpful

So These were views of a person who have just achieved what she was targeting for so many years. I hope her views would help you to learn and earn more.

I hope you will like our initiative to present views of students who are clearing CA Final exams. If you want to ask any more questions to them, then please write down them in the comment box below or contact us directly through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social platform, we would include those questions also.

If you are qualified and you want to express or share your story with the world, then just contact me as soon as possible.

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Gourav Kapoor
 CA Passion

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