We have brought you a new success story of our subscriber who worked hard to earn CA to his name. We have asked him a few questions regarding his preparation techniques and his experience of the journey as a CA Student. His words may give you some ideas to prepare and score well in the next exams.

Meet CA Avinash Jaiswal

CA Avinash Jaiswal
Nov 19 Batch
He Belongs to Kolkata, cleared CA Final exams in Nov 2019

Lets’ know how he prepared, what he did to earn CA to his name

When did you start the CA Course?
I started the CA Course in 2013.

What / who inspired you to choose CA as a profession
My cousin

Write something about your journey to become a Chartered Accountant, how you started the CA Course, the challenges you faced, the hurdles you have gone through, your articleship experience, etc.

Cleared IPCC in 4th attempt, joined Articleship and felt like I was reduced to monotonous work of filing Income tax and TDS returns only with a bit of ROC work. Ended articleship and took 3 attempts to clear CA Final but in the end it all feels worth it, knowing the respect I command and the responsibilities I got now. Avenues and challenges open up and you soon begin to forget the pain you've gone through, only for the same to serve as needless nostalgia.

Which books you preferred during your preparations

  • Paper 1: FR: Praveen Sharma FR and AS book along with PM
  • Paper 2: SFM: Sanjay Saraf material for conceptual clarity and PM for additional practice
  • Paper 3: Audit: Pankaj Garg main book
  • Paper 4: Law: Munish Bhandari textbook and a little part of Swapnil Sir revision videos
  • Paper 5: AMA: Sanjay Agarwal material and PM for practice, it must be stressed that relying only on tuition material for this subject will prove to be fatal since you need exposure to a variety of sums in this subject.
  • Paper 6: ISCA/Electives: Institute SM, nothing else should be referred to
  • Paper 7: DT: Durgesh Singh SM and Bhanwar Borana Compiler for practice
  • Paper 8: IDT: Institute Mock tests, SM and CA Rajkumar material

What was your overall strategy to clear exams?
Lots of revision and practice for practical sums. Also, attempt mock tests for confidence, did not do that for the first 2 attempts and suffered as a consequence.

What was the one thing which worked for you to clear CA Final Exams
CA examination is a combo of efforts and luck. I highly believe my efforts paid off but luck played a massive part as well

What helped you most in your tough times?
My mom and dad's helpless faces after every failure and above all my resolution to work hard

How many hours do you think is enough to devote to a student appearing for exams during the last month of preparations?
10 hours 

How much you relied on online notes shared by faculties?
Not much, because I relied on ICAI site for updates and amendments

How much you relied on online revisionary classes?

Express your feeling, the moment when you got to know that you have actually qualified as CA
I was actually engaged in the Internal audit assignment and was not even willing to check my results. My brother called me to inform me that I cleared with exemption in 5 subjects, it was the tone of his voice that made me emotional. I didn't feel much happy, but it was my parents' reactions which made me feel that I have achieved something worthwhile.

A piece of advice you want to give your fellows, that will help them in their studies
Perseverance is the key, never give up and always rely on practice over rote learning, there's no substitute for written practice

How long you are joined with CA Passion?
Last 1 year

Rate your overall satisfaction with our Posts out of 5

How many ratings you wanna give to admin services out of 5

What kind of posts/services did you like the most from CA Passion
Notes Updates, Announcements, Quick Response

How did CA Passion be helpful in completing your journey from CA Student to CA?
relied on your site for updates and charts for sure!

So These were views of a person who have just achieved what she was targeting for so many years. I hope her views would help you to learn and earn more.

I hope you will like our initiative to present views of students who are clearing CA Final exams. If you want to ask any more questions to them, then please write down them in the comment box below or contact us directly through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social platform, we would include those questions also.

If you are qualified and you want to express or share your story to the world, then just contact me as soon as possible.

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