CA Jigna Jethva

Mumbai, India | July 21 Qualified

We have brought you a new success story of our subscriber who worked hard to earn CA to her name. We have asked her a few questions regarding her preparation techniques and her experience of the journey as a CA Student. Her words may give you some ideas to prepare and score well in the next exams.

Meet CA Jigna Jethna

She belongs to Mumbai, and have qualified, July 21

Lets’ know what she said when we asked her questions:

When did you start your journey as CA Student?

I started the CA Course in 2016

What / who inspired you to choose CA as a profession

To make my parents feel proud on me.

Where did you join your articleship?

Banka & Banka 
Borkar & Muzumdar

Tell us something about your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant, how you started CA Course, the challenges you faced, the hurdles you have gone through, your articleship experience, etc.

It was an amazing experience to be a part of this wonderful journey. It was not easy at all. Many ups & downs I faced, but finally everything is paid off in it's best way. Every sacrifice made to achieve this 2 letter prefix CA was worth it.

What or who helped you most in your tough times?

My family & friends

What was the feeling of clearing CA Final Exams, the day when you actually earned CA to your name? describe something about that moment

The feeling was awesome. Can't have enough words to describe it. But the happiness i saw in the eyes of my family was that which I wanted to see from long. It's best feeling till now. It sounds too good when someone calls you CA❤️.

Which books you preferred during your preparations


Author / Faculty / Tips

Financial Reporting

Only Module, nothing else, RTP, MTP, Past papers


Only Module, nothing else, RTP, MTP, Past papers


I had referred authors topic wise. Like Pankaj Garg, Khushbu sanghvi, Pragnesh Kanbar etc. .


Abhishek Bansal.


Module only

ISCA / Electives

Shirish Vyas, Bhanwar Borana, Module


Shirish Vyas, Bhanwar Borana, Module


Yashwant Mangal

A piece of advice you want to give your fellows, that will help them in their studies / Life

Give your best. God will do the rest. Every second counts. Don't waste your time.

How much you relied on online notes shared by different faculties from time to time?

I was not having sufficient time to refer anything apart from above mentioned things.

How many hours do you think is enough to devote for a student appearing for exams during the last month of preparations?

Last month is very precious according to me before giving exams bcoz this is the period of revision. Focus is must. Number of hours depends on individual capacity but 10-12 hrs is must.

How did CA Passion be helpful in completing your journey from CA Student to CA

For various updates, motivation quates, success stories etc

How long you are joined with CA Passion

Last 3 years

Rate your overall satisfaction with our Posts out of 5


How many ratings you wanna give to admin services out of 5?


What kind of posts/services did you like the most from CA Passion

Notes Updates, Announcements, Motivational Support, Quick Response

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