We have brought you a new success story of our subscriber who worked hard to earn CA to his name. We have asked him a few questions regarding his preparation techniques and his experience of the journey as a CA Student. His words may give you some ideas to prepare and score well in the next exams.

Meet CA Deepak Kumar Agrawal

He Belongs to Kathmandu, Nepal, cleared CA Final exams in Nov 2019

Lets’ know how he prepared, what she did to earn CA to his name

When did you start the CA Course?
I started the CA Course in 2012.

What / who inspired you to choose CA as a profession

Write something about your journey to become a Chartered Accountant, how you started the CA Course, the challenges you faced, the hurdles you have gone through, your articleship experience, etc.
Well, I was nowhere in the path of being CA. It was the destiny that has pushed me to this professional career. I was good at maths and science from school days and had a dream of being an IIT engineer. But destiny had plan something else for me. Two attempts at the IIT entrance I was not selected due to a single one mark. That was a very tough period for me to accept but parents and friends console me and asked me for joining the CA. Account ka A Tak nai ata tha the day I was filling CPT form. But I was in anger kaho ya full energetic ki ab dikhana ha type... Completed plus two accounts in just one month and had good command over the account. After the first session of the CPT exam I was like 99/100 I guarantee... Bas economics was a challenge in the second session of the exam but well at the end I ended at 162. Then IPCC and final the path went on and finally the prefix CA was achieved.

Which books you preferred during your preparations

  • Paper 1: FR: Praveen Sharma
  • Paper 2: SFM: Whitesnow
  • Paper 3: Audit: Pankaj Garg
  • Paper 4: Law: Munish Bhandari
  • Paper 5: AMA: PM
  • Paper 6: ISCA/Electives: PM
  • Paper 7: DT: Bhanwar Borana
  • Paper 8: IDT: Vishal Bhattad

What was your overall strategy to clear exams?
The best strategy in CA is not to give up. I learned this lesson during my IPCC. I had filled for both groups but the last paper exam was postponed due to some cause. That moment everyone asked not to quit and appear the last paper but I was like is baar nai hoga no use of appearing and I returned back my hometown. When the result was declared I found I just needed 40 marks in the last subject to clear IPCC both group in the first go. finally, I needed two attempts for clearing the second group

What was the one thing which worked for you to clear CA Final Exams
Frankly speaking, it was hard work plus blessings from parents friends and god

What helped you most in your tough times?
My failure during the IIT entrance exam kept me boosting till the final first attempt after which I dropped CA again. But luckily the corporate where I joined inspired me to reappear for the exam after a year gap. And maybe it's again destiny that had made me reappear after which I cleared it.

How many hours do you think is enough to devote to a student appearing for exams during the last month of preparations?
Minimum 12hrs if you have been in touch with subjects from the very beginning and u have done self-study for all subjects

How much you relied on online notes shared by faculties?
I used the selected notes and mostly I used icai material

How much you relied on online revisionary classes?
For law subjects, I relied much on them as they were vast and had many memory points

Express your feeling, the moment when you got to know that you have actually qualified as CA
Well, it's something that can't be express in words. But still, if someone asks it to describe it's the feeling of every Indian fan when India won world cup 2007 when India were not the favorites

A piece of advice you want to give your fellows, that will help them in their studies
Just keep the focus and never give up when u fail.

How long you are joined with CA Passion?
Last 2 years

Rate your overall satisfaction with our Posts out of 5

How many ratings you wanna give to admin services out of 5

What kind of posts/services did you like the most from CA Passion
Notes Updates

How did CA Passion be helpful in completing your journey from CA Student to CA?
Useful notes need not be searched in various places. It was one platform where I got all the required notes
So These were views of a person who have just achieved what she was targeting for so many years. I hope her views would help you to learn and earn more.

I hope you will like our initiative to present views of students who are clearing CA Final exams. If you want to ask any more questions to them, then please write down them in the comment box below or contact us directly through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social platform, we would include those questions also.

If you are qualified and you want to express or share your story with the world, then just contact me as soon as possible.

Compiled & Presented By:

Gourav Kapoor
 CA Passion

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