We have brought you a new success story of a student who worked hard to earn CA to his name. We have asked him a few questions regarding his preparation techniques and his experience of the journey as a CA Student. His words may give you some ideas to prepare and score well in the next exams.

Meet CA Sahil Mehta

CA Sahil Mehta
Nov 19 Batch

He Belongs to Surat, cleared CA Final exams in Nov 2019

Lets’ know how he prepared, what he did to earn CA to his name

When did you start the CA Course?
I started the CA Course in 2013.

What / who inspired you to choose CA as a profession

Write something about your journey to become a Chartered Accountant, how you started the CA Course, the challenges you faced, the hurdles you have gone through, your articleship experience, etc.
“Der lagi lekin, jeena hai maine sikh liya.”

People might wonder, why this line today. Why not, I ask you all.

Because “Don’t judge a short tale by its words. There is a long story behind it.”

It was back in 2013, I enrolled for the toughest course not only in India but globally. I didn’t start it well enough but somehow managed to clear the entrance exams. I had to take the biggest decision of my life, “To stay away from the family”. As we all know, it is very difficult to find a place in Bombay, be it the over-crowded local train or some room to stay in. I found out a paying guest but it was already full. I requested the aunty over there to allow me to stay. I agreed to sleep even on the floor. I remember, for a fortnight, I slept on the floor. I thought, the struggle is over but you cannot go at the top of the mountain in a blink of an eye. I enrolled in the coaching classes. It was the first day, as I opened the door, I saw a huge crowd of around 100-120 students. Because I was very good at academics in my school days, I never went for any coaching classes and hence never faced such a huge crowd. I managed. I started finding it comfortable in a few days. Found new friends, family, and whatnot. Finally, Mumbai stole my heart away. Because exams were near and my coaching classes got over, I came back to my hometown for my studies. Finally, the second stage exams. Something odd happened during the intermediate exams. I cleared my group second at first and then the first. People asked me to feel happy because it happens once in a blue moon. Now, I had to take the biggest decision of my life, “Articleship”. Where to do it from? Well, this was the biggest decision because I had already experienced a bit of staying away from the family. I was a very introvert kind of person who used to get nervous while talking. In fact, I used to talk very very less. With a heavy heart, I decided to do my articleship from Bombay. I got into a good firm and started learning things. But, I am still introvert at nature. One fine day, after the annual audit end, our team decided to go for the celebration. I still remember that day. How can I forget that day? That day is very special to my heart. Why? Because one of my senior told me this, “Yaar, tu itna kam kyu bolta hai.” I replied, “Kya bolu?” But his lines got stuck in my head and within a month, I turned from an introvert to an ambivert person. A few more months passed. One more celebration and that senior tells me this, “Yaar, tu kitna bolta hai, chup hojaya kar kabhi toh.” I achieved it. The reason I am extremely grateful to that person, even today. I started making friends. My phone was loaded with a huge contact list. Two and a half years passed and I didn’t realize, the days were near, THE FINALS. Appeared, failed. Appeared, failed. This continued for some time. I started cursing me. I was tired. I was frustrated. I was demotivated. I was depressed. Why? Why? Why?
With a little motivation, I started settling myself back to hunt for the crown. And even I didn’t know, it would be 16th of January, 2020, that the wait will be over.

Yes, you guessed it right.

“The journey was difficult, but I never looked back.”

CA. Sahil Mehta.

Which books you preferred during your preparations

  • Paper 1: FR: ICAI 
  • Paper 2: SFM: ICAI
  • Paper 3: Audit: Pankaj Garg and Sanidhya Saraf
  • Paper 4: Law: Munish Bhandari
  • Paper 5: AMA: ICAI
  • Paper 6: ISCA/Electives: ICAI
  • Paper 7: DT: Durgesh Singh
  • Paper 8: IDT: Yashvant Mangal

What was your overall strategy to clear exams?
As we all know that the majority of us get 4.5 months for the preparations. So, what I suggest is to try a few schedules in the initial 15 days so that you are sure of your schedule which suits you the best. Also, stick to ICAI material. It’s a bible. Try revising at least 3 times. And most important, don’t panic in exams. Stay calm and appear for the paper. 

What was the one thing which worked for you to clear CA Final Exams
Don’t just study. Also, give some time for yourself

What helped you most in your tough times?
Family and my writings as I am a writer too. 

How many hours do you think is enough to devote to a student appearing for exams during the last month of preparations?
People say they studied for 15-16 hours. I don’t think anyone can do that. So, stick to 12-13 hours and break this into three to four sessions. Treat every session as a separate session so that you can achieve your targets like Virat Kohli does. 

How much you relied on online notes shared by faculties?
I would advise making your self hand made notes rather than online materials. The more online materials you will come across, the more you will be confused

How much you relied on online revisionary classes?
Just once. Yashvant Mangal one day revision lectures were very helpful for me.

Express your feeling, the moment when you got to know that you have actually qualified as CA
Okay, so the results were going to announce by 6 p.m., I was sleeping on a sofa covering myself with a blanket. At around 4:45 pm, my mom googled about the results and told me that result aagaya. I was like what, abhi nahi ayega, 6 baje ka time hai. But maa toh maa hoti hai. I checked the twitter of Dheeraj Sir and I found that the results are declared. I tried accessing ICAI website but there was so much of traffic. I tried in my Laptop but it was still not reachable. I asked my mom to hand over her phone to me. It worked. Again, maa toh maa hoti hai. I started filling the details chanting our Jain Navkar Mantra and click submit. I saw 221 and Pass and started running and shouting in my house. I lay down in happiness, my mom tried to control me ki heart attack na aajaye ise khushi ke maare. Everyone in my building came down to ask if everything is alright at home. Yes, no one else can feel the happiness of clearing the toughest course in the world. I became a Chartered Accountant. 

A piece of advice you want to give your fellows, that will help them in their studies
Just stick to your plans and don’t worry if you are not able to follow it. Just be confident and complete your syllabus. Revise at least thrice. That’s it. Trust me, the number of attempts doesn’t matter, it’s the same feeling as you have cleared it in the first attempt.

How long you are joined with CA Passion?
Last 1 year

Rate your overall satisfaction with our Posts out of 5

How many ratings you wanna give to admin services out of 5

What kind of posts/services did you like the most from CA Passion
Announcements, Quick Response

How did CA Passion be helpful in completing your journey from CA Student to CA?
Quick response. 

So These were views of a person who have just achieved what she was targeting for so many years. I hope her views would help you to learn and earn more.

I hope you will like our initiative to present views of students who are clearing the CA Final exams. If you want to ask any more questions to them, then please write down them in the comment box below or contact us directly through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social platform, we would include those questions also.

If you are qualified and you want to express or share your story with the world, then just contact me as soon as possible.


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