The accounts and Finance personnel would be responsible for - 
  • TDS Calculation & Filling of TDS every month wrt Employees and Vendors
  • Making financial policies with HR – Budgeting
  • Keep up with financial policies, regulation and legislation
  • Exploring the finance software and putting everything on the same
  • Prepare tax returns, balance sheet, profit/loss statement
  • Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries

  • Filling GST returns every month wrt to vendors / clients - in collaboration with CA
  • Checking GST receivables from vendors on all Invoices

  • Maintaining expense sheets for the clients
  • making sure payments are received on time from all the clients

  • Creating INvoices and managing the same in files
  • Project payment verification

  • Budgeting - Department, expense, travel, client
  • Handling all petty cash expenses, making cash memo
  • Checking and giving travel reimbursements

  • Maintaining all records in files - P/L, BS, GST, TDS etc

  • Audit financial transactions and document accounting control procedures

  • Maintianing & Issuing office assets
  • Buying of Assets with prior approvals

Minimum qualification:
Must be graduate (
Experience - 2-3 years
Location - Noida

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