Human trafficking racket is among the most heinous crimes prevalent in our country for decades.

Many young children fall prey to the clutches of traffickers who force them into child labour and prostitution. 

How horrifying things would turn if a girl gets to know that her trafficker is no one else but her own mother.

Bhavani’s world fell apart when she found herself and her siblings stuck in human trafficking by her mother.

The 13-year-old girl continued to live a scary life of sex worker until Hyderabad Task Force, rescued her with the help of some social workers.

Sunitha Krishnan shared the girl’s story in an FB post. She wrote,

“I am chocked with emotions.  One of our child, Bhavani has qualified for Chartered Accountancy. With a single focus, no external help and her own efforts she finally qualified in her fourth attempt.”

“I still cannot forget the day we rescued her with Hyderabad Task Force. More shocked when we found out that the mother was the trafficker and the child was in this situation for more than a year.

The child then was instrumental in getting her two siblings rescued.”

Due to security concerns she wrote her Xth Std by open school. Today she is in 2nd year graduation and a college topper. 

Through sheer grit, she has qualified in CA exams. I would have loved to post her picture, but her case is still on and her trail is pending.

Bhavani stands as a tower of inspiration for all of us…

I salute Hyderabad Task Force very specifically Inspector Srikanth, my colleagues in the rescue, a wonderful magistrate Padmaja Sathyam and my Shelter team for doing the impossible.

Bhavani is indeed a pillar of inspiration for several underprivileged children who aspire to make something great out of their life. 

Dreams do come true, life does change, aspirations can be attained and you can always rise above the difficulties in your life. And Bhavani has proved this to the entire world.

Her journey from being a forced sex worker to crack the exam of Chartered Accountant without any help but with flying colors, is indeed, soul-stirring!.

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