ICAI just released May 2019 Examination Schedule. 

Students were hoping that May 19 exams would be held in June because of elections but ICAI decided exams not to be affected because of elections. 

Well, students still hoping that ICAI will announce the postponement of exams sooner but it is highly recommended not to hope so, and prepare for your exams accordingly. 

If there will be any postponement, it will be a bonus time for revisions for students, but students should keep this in mind that as of now exams are going to be held on May 19 itself. 

So students should utilize the time they have in their hand in spite of discussing or hoping anything to happen in near future.

Here is the exam schedule that ICAI released:

source: https://resource.cdn.icai.org/54166icaiexammay2019.pdf

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