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This book unveils the intricacies about the CA Course.
It’s an interesting and comic story which every CA student can relate in one or the other way and also leaves a trail of healthy lessons and a strong message which will help you build a successful career.

So the road journey begins with four friends-
namely facebook(bookish one),
Instagram(Talented one),
Twitter(The casual one)
Pinterest(The passionate one).

This journey is in a car whose driver is none other than our beloved ICAI.

The journey has its ups and downs on four sections of road-
- The Highway ( CPT)
- The Ghat (IPCC)
- The Tunnel (Articleship)
- The Kuchcha Road ( CA Final).

One character gets eliminated at the end of each phase, and to find out who and most importantly why finishes the race...

Please go ahead and read the book!

I am sure you will have many takeaways and will leave you with laughter.

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