This had been a very hot topic under review for so long now that there are some discrepancies in exam evaluation system of our Institute, but it suddenly got fired up a few days ago when some very renowned faculty members raised some serious issues regarding same. Senior Faculty members raised a question on ICAI evaluation system by going public on social media via posting some videos, sharing some letters written to ICAI and replies they got from them.

Obviously after watching those videos, one can understand what they were asking ICAI to just take some bold steps to bring some serious reforms in the evaluation system. 

But in reply to those videos, ICAI made a public announcement declaring those videos to be baseless and posted with dishonest intentions, which has been withdrawn from the ICAI website within 24 hours.

The announcement was like this:

As shown in one of the videos of CA Parveen Sharma Sir, he analyzed a students' mark sheet and ISCA paper, it is quite strange to see what happened with that student, only 4 marks out of 100 is quite strange indeed, there are many students who get these kinds of marks, but they all don't apply for certified copies, instead they think that they need to work hard more on their own to get good marks and they are attempting again and again in every exam.

Now as CA Parveen Sharma said, ICAI do not do this deliberately and every student understand this, that no one will do this deliberately, but if there are more cases like that, then it is really a bad impression on ICAI evaluation system.

as ICAI has stated in its recent announcement that students are their foremost priority, even students believe the same, thats why students are asking ICAI to take some bold steps now & if some glitches are there in the system, then these should be dealt with great precaution and care because ICAI is even more interested to work for students.

Many more faculties have also posted their views on the same, which are following:

We appeal to students to just stay calm on this issue, Yes it is true that change is required if such things are happening

It is highly recommended for those appearing for upcoming exams, you might get distracted by such videos and news, stay active on your studies, keep doing your work, if such issues have risen up to this much extent, then surely it's gonna be better days further. Please don't lose your focus and concentration.

This post is not posted to hurt or disrespect anyone. This post is only posted for the betterment of our subscribers.

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