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Friday, 11 May 2018

GST Department started conducting Raids to check GSTIN is displayed on sign board of your business or not.

News have been reported that at some places GST Department have started  conducting RAIDS on Business premises to Check and Verify whether the GSTIN No is DISPLAYED on the Sign board of the every Business premises and tax compliance.

In GST regime, Rules are very strict to make control over the tax collection process on registered or non registered persons, but still there are some loop holes in the act itself which will be encountered in coming years though.

One of the rules strictly says that registered person shall display their GSTIN on the name board of business which is not being followed so strictly by registered person.

However, government will surely consider this as a very important aspect.

So, if you are registered person, just call your CA or GST Tax advisor today and enquiry about the detailed information regarding this and make sure you complete all the formalities before any GST officer visit your business.

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