Recently, ICAI has taken a very strong initiative regarding adoption of unfair means by students appearing in exams. Students generally do not read instruction manual that come up with admit cards. According to ICAI, during Nov 2017 exams a total of 90 cases were found where these unfair means were noticed, which involves as following kinds of unfair means:

1. Writing on question paper, Students are only allowed to write Roll No. on their question paper at specified place on the starting page of question paper.

But according to my point of view, as ICAI allowed 15 mins reading time just before start of exam, now in that particular time, a student generally try to plan out his / her strategy to complete the exam in time & to save time, students generally write hints of answers that instantly come up while reading the question paper, now if ICAI is considering this also as an unfair mean, then keeping in view the level of difficulty of CA exams, ICAI may allow to print a blank page along with very question paper and may allow students to write their hint of answers on that particular space.

2. Writing Roll No. in answer book or in additional book. Students may note that ICAI strictly do not allow to write roll number anywhere on answer books

3. Possession of material inside examination hall / room / washroom. Students may note that CA Course is purely a professional course, students should maintain dignity of it by not doing so.

4. Seeking sympathy/making appeal, e.g. parent or relative passed away, met with accident /was hospitalized/ award marks/minimum required marks, inducement to examiner/writing irrelevant / unrelated remarks etc.

5. Writing/making in the answer book or additional answer book distinguishing marks - e.g. religious symbols, prayers, Om, Swastika, 786, etc.

6. Others, e.g. not handing over the answer book at the conclusion of the specified time, taking away the answer book, misbehaving with the examination functionaries, use of different inks/highlighter, availing of the services of an ineligible person as a writer by candidates with permanent disability.

Students may note that if ICAI is already aware of what students do and what students don't do in exam hall. i request every student reading this post to just go through the instructions that come up with admit cards before every exam to avoid falling within the ambit of unfair means leading to avoidable difficulties.

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