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MCA - Important update regarding INC-1, INC-7

A new name reservation service is being developed and is likely to be deployed on 26th January, 2018. Therefore w.e.f. 00:00 hours of 06-01-
2018, INC-1 will not be available on the MCA Portal. Stakeholders are
advised to submit INC-1 application till 23:59 hours of 05-01-2018. Stakeholders who reserved names using INC-1 are requested to use SPICe for incorporation immediately. However, resubmission of INC-1 is allowed till 23:59 hours of 11-01-2018.
INC-7 form is likely to be discontinued w.e.f 10.01.2018. In case the name reserved using INC-1 is to be used for incorporation through SPICe form, users should file the form latest by 17.01.2018. It is requested that SPICe should be filed with due care which has to be completed latest by 24.01.2018. Stakeholders may plan accordingly.
INC-7 Message
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