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There have been lots of confusions/queries after the yesterday webinar held by Chairman Sir about the applicability of GST in Nov 17 exams.

Chairman of BOS himself is saying in that webcast that "yes 10 marks ques on GST will be asked in Nov 17 exams", also he straightway said that soon it will be notified on ICAI website, also he has stated that not whole GST will be asked for 10 marks, only a small portion covering section 7, 8 & 9 and some of the definitions will be asked in Nov 17 exams, 
frankly speaking, sec 7 - 9 are not that much difficult that students should feel fear abt that... I said yesterday too. IIt's easy 10 marks if it is being asked.. because when u know that 10 marks ques are going to be asked from just 3 sections... u can easily get 8-9 marks out of it. 
Further, it depends on student to student, whether u want to feel this as fear or challenge or an opportunity. 

Whatsoever it is, it will be clarified by ICAI itself in a few days, 

For those, who are going to attempt on Nov 17, I don't feel that students shud feel afraid of this.. u continue ur preparations with existing syllabus, 
trust me I have read these sections, if u have covered excise and service tax before, it wl hardly take u 2 hrs to understand these sections, 

now if these sections will be applicable for Nov 17 exams, then u can do them later on, why to feel afraid of it 

and those who are criticizing ICAI about the implementation of GST in Nov 17 exams,

well i personally feel ICAI has taken a very good step by implementing these sections in Nov 17 exams, think from the point of view of your own career, wen u will clear CA in Nov 17 attempt, right after that u wl enter into industry who has already implemented GST for more than 6 months, even accountants would have advanced knowledge on GST, now simply imagine where u wl stand in front of them if u don't even know ABC of GST. 

So I think it is a very good step by ICAI, just wait for the official notification by ICAI, and all the best for ur preparations. 

You may write ur comments below. 


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