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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

ICAI Clarification on Test Paper Scheme

A few days ago, a hot topic arose among CA Students regarding Test Paper scheme launched by ICAI, we had already informed all our members that this scheme is still under finalisation and no official launch of such scheme is notified by ICAI itself.

Today, ICAI has come out with official clarification of the same. According to ICAI following points are important to know

1. The main aim of ICAI to launch such scheme is to force regular study habit among students and improve writing skills in exams

2. This scheme will be initially applicable for those students who will attempt for the first time, hence students already giving exams on May 17 need not worry about any such scheme, they must concentrate on their exams

3. students who will be eligible for such scheme would require taking one test each for 2 papers in each group as may be notified, mean to say ICAI will notify paper later

4. as clarified by ICAI, this scheme is not yet FINAL. 

5. Students should not be worried about this scheme as of now, they should concentrate on their regular studies

This scheme is for the benefit of students, as and when it will be launched by ICAI.

Original message by ICAI as follows: 

The Board of Studies has decided to introduce eligibility Test Paper scheme for fostering the habit of regular study and writing skills in examination conditions to help students to perform well for their examinations. The Test Paper Scheme would be initially made applicable to Final Course students appearing in the examination for the first time, to begin with. As a part of this scheme, such Final Course Students would be required to take one test each for two Papers as may be notified in each Group of Final Course, to be eligible to appear for Final Exam proposed from Nov-17 attempt and a later attempt as may be notified. The broad modalities for this scheme are under finalisation.
Students are advised not to be worried and continue with their sincere preparation for the forthcoming examinations, as they will be given sufficient time to secure eligibility.

For any further clarification, please mail to Ms. Neeraj Kapur at E-mail; Tel. No. 0120- 3876859

ChairmanBoard of Studies

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