Hey everyone, Gourav here, Founder of this CA Passion blog, writing after a long time, I got so many requests to write on various topics you all have suggested me so far, I feel truly blessed to have such a nice audience who support and appreciate my every step to make this a better place to enhance your knowledge and skills.

So, I have decided now that I will try to write a post every week in this 2017 year, so suggest me some real good topics to write on and thank you all so much for the support and love you are showing for my work.

well, today as you this is the first working day of the year 2017, you would be busy in rescheduling all your work to have more happiness and success coming this year.

there is something I feel to share which might will help you to plan even well your 2017.

first of all, I just want you to memorize your 2016 whole year in a glimpse. just try to find out at least one good and bad memory from every month of 2016. Write it down, so you must be having 10-12 good and 10-12 bad memories from 2016.

let's take up first your bad memories, just spend a few minutes on it, don't go deep into it, just accept them as it is, they are PAST now, we need to let them go from here on, there is no benefit to carrying forward them in this year. Bad things happen in life, and it did. Just because I want you to make a very fresh start in this year. I want you to just burn those memories now.. they had nothing fruitful in your life, except ur experience, and you have already learned it. So now, just burn these memories from your mind, you can't do anything about what was just happened in your past. let it go...

Now, let's move further...your good memories of 2016... just do one thing, without caring about where you are sitting and reading this, just read them as loud as you can, if you are in office, then just go for a walk in a nearby park.. just memorise happily about all those good memories you had in 2016. like the way you spend your time with your friends, families, your loved ones and many more.. just feel happy about it.. feel that happiness... feel that gratitude...

So after all this now what I need you to do is, to FOCUS on what you want from this 2017

please do not limit your mind, there is no limit of skills our mind can develop, so do not worry about things that can happen or not, in 2017.. just make best use of your imagination... what kind of life you imagine to have in your near future... just give some real good thoughts on it.. remember.. your thoughts can become things in real, its depend upon you how you think.. so let your mind travel into it, imagine your "THE DAY" you want to live... 

now, as you might already feeling very light and offcoss empowered with all the power you do have, this is the time to document it now.. just write up on a page, what you really want from 2017. don't make a checklist of a 10-20 things like I want to do this, I want to do that etc etc

what I want you do set a big dream... like I want my day like this. now for that day, you need some skills, some intelligence, some help, some people to work with, now put up those things on your calendar and make some targets that up to this month, I must be ready for this, and to that month I must be ready for that thing, and so on....

by doing so, you will feel really focussed on things what you really want out of your life..and that's what i want to make you realise your real power to make things in your favour, no matter whatever situation you are dealing with right now.

Plan this 2017 year in your favour, do not let just things happen around you, instead make things happen according to you.

well, that's all I just wanted to share with you all, to make a better 2017. you can write me anything here below this post or if you want any help, you can write me at gkkapoor89@gmail.com anytime.

Stay foccussed, stay blessed, get the most out of this beautiful life that you are gifted..!

Signing off

Gourav Kapoor

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