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hope you having good time 

as you are preparing for May 17 attempt, i would like to share with you some very important points which might be helpful for you in your preparations at first, you need to know very precisely that you do not have much time left for your exams. the time you have will fly so easily, so better to start at early if you have not started yet 

Do not waste your time on planning only.. make a plan and start executing it.. consider it for 4-5 days max.. and then test urself if it is working smoothly then go on, if not then you need to change ur plan a bit, but do not change the whole plan, stick to your earlier plan with some modifications... 

watever you will do in these months will have direct impact on results of your exams, so avoid any disturbances or distractions u having ... trust me u will have a lot of time for such distractions after exams 

This time is to work passionately for ur dreams, just do the same,,, keep everything simple.. u need not to rush for it... ur daily efforts wl give you wat u really want .. have that burning desire to achieve what u dream of... make it simple.. don't rush 

at last, i would like to say you have chosen this profession and to enter such profession, u need to master ur knowledge, and for that u need to work hard for it, there is no other way to clear it, i honor your struggle, so lets do it together. 

well, if u have any issues regarding your preparations, you can contact me anytime, it would be my pleasure to help you in your preparations. if you have any source of information, notes etc for May 17, please do share with me, you can help a lot of people this way 


Gourav Kapoor

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