This question is very common among students doing professional courses like CA CS CMA etc

how can we study effectively, if you search on google you will find so many ways to overcome this, but what we do, we start following everything what others are saying but we never look into our own way that we already know, yea thats a fact.

trust me everything is not on google, well am not criticising google in any way, am just reminding you to focus on things you already know about

we all know the best plan for effective study is to know your syllabus, do revisions and perform

but what we do, we plan repeatedly again and again, like if plan A didnt work, its ok i have plan B, if B dont work then i hav C and if C dont work then D... and so on...

i mean where we lack always is IMPLEMENTATION of our plan..

trust me we professional students are masters in planning anything, we can plan anything 

but when it is matter of implementation of same plan, we lost our way and thats what make us feel we are not studying effectively...

so here is the question... HOW CAN WE OVERCOME IT..

well, answer to this is very much simple, we need to be DISCIPLINED on our ACTIONS

yes.. we need to monitor our actions,

well you might be thinking that okayyy.. so now i need to audit my actions too... yes you should

because thats the only way you will come to know about things which are disturbing you.

apply your audit skills on yourself, make proper documentation of your schedule what you do in a day.. am not asking you to make a TIME TABLE.. no thats a separate thing..

what am asking you is that whatever you are doing currently.. dont change it, just document it

and then at night, just audit this document.. 

now question is how you can do it.... 

well here is a way.. just make this document, fold it or hide it anywhere away from you

now make another document... describing how should be my day i.e. what activities i must do to achieve my goals

now compare this with your old document... and find differences... am sure you will not require anything extra to think or work then cz it will make u feel the REALITY about how you want to study and how you are studying.

Plans work only if they are implemented on time, so do implement your plans.. dont just let it go

one more thing i want to share with you, TIME is always running, it never ever stops for anybody, its better to start over asap.. bcz you never know when life is gonna give you an opportunity to achieve your goals, just be ready for it when it knocks you...

i wish you achieve your goals asap

if you like my words, then please post your feedback hereunder.

Be happy.. stay motivated.. stay active..!!

All the best 

Thanks & Regards 

Gourav Kapoor

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