*#CAPassion - #WL-86* Hey hi frends, hope u going well.. Recently May 16 results declared, we got our results now.. some passed some cud not ... everyone had their own reasons to pass or fail.. those who passed.. a new journey has begun for them.. i wish lots of good wishes to everyone...may god bless u more success and happiness... for those who cud not.. lets not loose our heart and utilize our precious time to move forward... there is no use of finding reasons behind ICAI pass% or anything else.. we already have limited time in hand.. lets use that for our good cause in next few months... those who have offices also, can understand one thing that we have approxx full 2 months to next exams, if i reduce offc hrs... so gys lets use watever tym we have for our success.. we know we r down this tym.. but there is no use to stay there.. and find reasons of watevr happened.. lets move ahead... ! lets not waste our time in discussing like uske itne marks aye uske itne nahi aye.. etc etc.. wat matters most is our preparation techniques.. we loose there morover if i say.. we all are master planners of our schedules...but prob is *EXECUTION* we plan really well but we dont execute, if we can improve this thing, we can do it .. so gys, let it be watever happened is PAST.. lets work for FUTURE in PRESENT.. TODAY.. THIS TIME... no matter what we hav done wat we have not done.. just fresh up urself and start it.. lets utilise our time for our better future..! For any kind of help, u can contact me anytime..! Gourav Kapoor ………………………… 🔰Plz visit CA passion fb page for all previous posts https://www.facebook.com/CAPassion/ 🔰Subscribe to CA Passion Whatsapp channel : http://goo.gl/forms/kDKBfkSGyl 🔰Help us to grow, Share among your friends, groups.

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