The day when you started preparing for this attempt, you had only one thing in mind and it was "i am gonna give my best"

so days to deliver that passion have been arrived here now..

u did prepare for good, bad and worst, u had some days of confidence when u felt, yes its gonna be best preparations, also u had some days where u felt like nothing is working in your favour, but still u didnt stop, u kept walking, u kep preparing..

so, what are you gonna do now ?

are you going to remind those good days or bad days of prepration

i know you are a wise person, you will obviously opt for good days to remember.

one more thing, you can do alongwith is to start feeling good about what u prepared.. it doesnt matter now hw u prepared, what matters is what u prepared and how confident you are on ur preparations.

even if, u had bad days of preprations or u could not give proper time reqquired for exams, still i wl say just hav that confident to feel good about it, its an exam only.. the real opportunity to knock the doors of success in future..

its natural to be nervous at this tym, some might feel ohh m forgeting everything, not able to recall even easy things at this time..just relax.. it happens.. so many subjects.. ittu sa mind.. thoda locha to hoga hi na.. but its all ok.. everything is there in ur mind. u wl recall it there in exam hall.. ONLY if u wil stay calm...

so keep calm and just feel good about ur preparations.. u did prepare well.. now its time to deliver it.. dont panic dont feel anything bad abt anything.. even if something or somebdy disturbing u then just keep that thing or body away from u.. these are your days of success, you are the person who will celebrate all success after seeing that PASS on ur result date.

i tried my best to help you all with notes, updates, guidance etc during all your preparations through this platform of CAPassion (

may be sometimes i didnt perform as per your expectations, and if there is any such case, then i sincerely apologize for that.

we r a good connection, and i hope this connection will be there for long term.

all i can say this time is to wish you very very best

just deliver ur best and forget the rest.

all ur dreams are going to be true

you r going to make them all in reality

so just give ur best and make ur parents proud of u

yes u can do it and u will do it

best wishes for ur exams.

Enjoy ur exams time and party hard after exams.

~Gourav Kapoor~

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