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There is lots of confusions arising among all about what changes are applicable for upcoming Nov 16 exams, some saying all IndAS are applicable, some saying not.

But those who are preparing for Nov 16 exams feel like they have no control on this subject specially because there are so many changes around there.

Well, let me clear all your confusions here now.

First of all, you must be aware that such confusions arise because of lack of knowledge about changes coming in FR Paper of CA Final

Yes, as we all know IndAS are being practically applied in industry now, so the reason ICAI incorporating IndAS in CA Final Syllabus

Upto May 16 exams, ICAI has only limited itself to ask Carve outs and Differences only

*For Nov 16 exams, still ICAI has not yet notify anything*

But confusions arising because some people are spreading news that ICAI or MCA has already notify IndAS, plz be aware such notifications are for industries at first.

For our exams purpose ICAI will come out with notification specifically for Nov 16 exams soon, as and when ICAI will notify, it will be circulated through CA Passion.

Secondly, Yes some AS have been removed , this news is also correct, but as ICAI has not clarify anything yet, we should hold ourselves upto previous applicable syllabus.

But Ques arise, what we can do in this situation..?

*Best solution is to get urself updated till may 16 exams applicable syllabus, if you have not yet updated Yourself.*

It will help you to grip over the coming changes.

Please don’t panic about changes coming in syllabus, trust me such changes are beneficial for you, as because when you qualify with updated knowledge, you get ample opportunities in industry.


*Gourav Kapoor*
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