Isca has always been a headache for all. 

According to Delhi based faculty ms. Bhavna gargg following should be done. 

Order of chapters 

2-5-1 for approx 40 marks (30-45)

3-4-6 for approx 40 marks (40-50)

7-8 for 20 marks. (16-25)

Total paper is of 116 marks. 

Second important thing is to follow this sequence. Cause some terms and the controls and audits revolve around terms defined in 2-5-1

So doing 2-5-1 is very essential. 

People make a mistake. They do chapter 3-4-6 and then 7-8 so that they will pass. But they fail to achieve 40 and lag between 25-40. 

Reason is not knowing the basics and jumping to control. You don't know what to control and u study control. This is something like u don't know about biology and ur doing surgery. 

Next thing to do for exams is to make own short summary notes. This is most important. This help in easy and fast revisions.

Next important thing is doing isca on regular basis. Keeping language proper i.e. of a professional. Own language may be used. But it should not be weired. It should not look like an paragraph or note written by a 10th standard kid.

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