If you are confused regarding applicable amendments for upcoming CA Final Exams May 16, then just read this article

As per ICAI notification dated 02-01-2016, following amendments are applicable for May, 16 & Nov 16 exams :
ICAI has also issued a supplementary booklet which is available online at icai site, u can download same by clicking on this pic

now as this supplementary states that it includes amendments of Finance Act, 2015 & notifications / circulars issued between 1st May, 2014 and 30th April, 2015

There are 2 parts :

1. Amendments of Finance Act, 2015
2. Notifications & Circulars

Students must not have any confusion regarding 1st point i.e. Amendments of Finance Act, 2015 which are readily available in the supplementary booklet issued by ICAI

However, Students are getting confused for 2nd point stated above


ICAI is saying that notifications upto 31st October, 2015 are relevant for May, 16 exams
Supplementary booklet only giving notifications / circulars upto 30th April, 2015

Now, from where to do notifications / circulars between 1st May, 2015 & 31st October, 2015

These notifications / circluars will be printed in RTP for May, 2016

for confirmation, this extract of same supplementary booklet is provided here :

So, it is clear that notifications between 1st May, 2015 & 31st October, 2015 will be updated in RTP for May 16 attempt.

Thanks for reading this article.

Gourav Kapoor

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