On 1st Feb, 2016, this topic got heat as many students are getting messages from unknown sources that spreading fake news about change in passing requirements of CA Exams, 

message students receiving is as follows :

As Per Notification No. 7/2016 the passing criteria for intermediate and final level of the CA course have been changed to 55% aggregate % 45% each subject w.e.f from May'16 attempt for more info please visit www.icai.org
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students started worrying after receiving such messages on their cells

This is totally fake news as there is no such announcement by ICAI, also message itself doesnt give proper link of any such notification by ICAI, 

Further message contains some reference to notification no.7/2016, 

there are 2 loopholes in such message 

1. ICAI never issue any notification indicating such numeric code of notification, ICAI always notify according to dates

2. if 7/2016 symbolyse month & year, then we all know 7th month is July.. and July month of 2016 is yet to come

Further, i am providing u all details of prospectus of ICAI on its site, which will ensure u all that there is nothing such change in passing requiremtns of CA exams

This is actual screenshot of prospectus of ICAI for IPCC & Final exams

Link of prospectus : 

So friends, there is nothing to panic about any such news if u get, instead if someone send u such message then frst ignore it, and if u can trace such message then comment details hereunder

Keep studying !!



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