There is a lot of confusion among all about changes of CA Final Paper 5 - AMA for May 16 exams

Read this article and remove all ur confusions

This is snapshot of latest study material available on ICAI site

i hav circled the edition information given by ICAI...

wch clearly clarifying that same study material wch was applicable for Nov 15 exams is relevant for May 16 exams

now u wl ques me essa kaha likha hai.. where it is written

if u see in detail wat written there is Revised edition - jan 15

wch means paper 5 - AMA, study material was revised in Jan 2015

n there after now in recent Jan 2016, they hav just REPRINT it.. NOT REVISED

so its clarified by ICAI that nothing new has been added since Jan 15 edition

now ques arises, in this Jan 15 edition or i wl say nw Jan 16 edition, as both are now one and same thing

In the initial pgs of same edition there has been clarified some changes in 3 chapters..

plz be aware of this thing, these are OLD changes, there are no additions of anything new for specifically May 16 exams,

now lets talk abt those OLD changes.. 2 points are there

1. You hav alrdy covered it as its one year old changes
2. if not covered, then just hav a view.. as these changes are regular routine of ICAI..

lets say if there is mistake, they correct it in revised edition and mark it on initial pgs of study material to let everyone knw that these changes hav been made so far

So there is not to wrry abt a big big big big issue ... k yaar changes aa gye costing me .. ye ho gya vo gya.. lets do some smart study & focus on more imp things..

what we learnt from all abv analysis

1. Jan 15 & Jan 16 editions of study mat are one and same thing
2. Changes of Jan 15 editions are very nominal & we have already covered it
3. We need not to wrry abt any change in Paper 5 - AMA

Thanks for patience reading



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