Tax Updates

πŸ“ŒTAX Updates

✌🏻 Service exporters shall file claim of 'Cenvat refund' within 1 year from date of export invoice.

✌🏻 Builder not guilty of unfair trade on its failure to deliver flats if buyer failed to prove booking of flats.

✌🏻 Clearing of cheques by clearing houses is liable to ST under "Banking and other financial services"

✌🏻 Ignorance of law is not reasonable cause to waive penalt service

πŸ“ŒGST Updates

✌🏻 Congress awaits reply on GST demand, Govt Talk with open.

✌🏻 Market Wishlist for 2016: GST, Rate Cuts and Return of Foreign Investors.

✌🏻 Power sector players bat for GST, infra status for T&D, service tax waiver.

✌🏻 Restructure of Maharashtra sales tax For VAT adminstration.

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