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Friday, 10 June 2016

Solution to Confusions about change of CA Course Syllabus

I am getting a lots of queries personally, on my site or email, etc. regarding change of syllabus of CA Course.

Many people having different kinds of questions. like

1. When will be New Syllabus applicable. ?
2. I am having Nov 16 or May 17 attempt, will this new syllabus effect me ?
3. I am confused about changes as some people are saying it wl be part of Nov 16 attempt
4. Some teachers are already organising new batches of new sylabus, whether i shall join new syllabus course or not ?

well, following discussion will help you if you have any kind of confusions regarding new syllabus.

Let me clear you all, the first very most important thing is, THE NEW SCHEME IS NOT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED BY ICAI, yes they are planning to launch it soon, but on this date it is not.

Secondly, whenever the new scheme will be launched, ICAI will launch it this way :

  • a date will be provided, after which the NEW STUDENTS, please pay attention, new students who will register after such date, for them the new scheme will be mandatory to follow.
  • for old students i.e. existing students on current date, will have an option to switch to new course if they want to or continue with their existing syllabus.
  • this make very clear for next few attempts that those who are having next 2 or 3 attempts should not be worry about new course, it might be possible that you will be qualified CA until new scheme will be launched.

now for students who r going to take coaching, they are in a fix that what to do whether to go for old syllabus coaching or new one, for them i can recommend that u must not waste your current time you should pursue your coaching as per existing syllabus till date.

at last, let me assure you ICAI is much more aware about such situation that students are so confused about this new scheme, soon they will launch the dates from where this new scheme will be applicable for new students registering to CA Course.

i hope this discussion will help you to clear your confusions, if you have any further questions regarding this, you may write here-under.

Thanks for reading.

Gourav Kapoor