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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Most common mistakes done by CA students during exams

Most common mistakes done by CA students during exams:

(1) Students generally calculate and write the values without mentioning the formula in their answer sheets.So always try to write the formulas used as well.
(2) Always write narration in Journal Entries.
(3) Always make balance sheet with "Notes to Account" and that too in proper format.
(4) Do proper presentation while solving questions,with the help of drawing lines,writing assumptions,notes and preparing working notes.
(5) Do write conclusions wherever required.
(6) Never try to memorize solutions of practical questions without understanding the concept.
(7) Always try to start each question on new page.
(8) Always go for "Points" instead of "Paragraphs".
(9) Never stuck into one question for long,if you aren't confident that you'll solve it just leave it and proceed.

Best of luck