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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Must Read on Results of CA Exams, Nov 2015

Many Many Congratulations to all those who cleared.. 

& those didnt .. dnt loose heart.. we knw this is part n parcel of our course.. so just find out wat mistakes u made.. n wrk on it day night.. m sure u wl get a way out of this.. stay connected..we can help each other.. dnt feel sad abt ur failure.. heera trashne se aur b chmkta hai.. !!

i knw smtym shit happens in life.. we dnt get wat we want.. bt u knw watt.. who go through all this get the best among all.. so jst be there.. stick to ur goals.. take it as a challaenge.. n overcome it.. cz u can do it, thats y u r doing it.. its jst a hurdle in btw.. get up.. b ready fr next opportunity.. n just take it over wd ur efforts .. u can really do it, only if u believe.. so believe u can !

Thanks & Regards

Gourav Kapoor

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